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Playing Card Oracle: The Doors of Somlipith

Playing Card Oracle: The Doors of Somlipith

The latest Book and Card Set by Ana Cortez and CJ Freeman. 304 page book. 54 cards.
Card illustrations by CJ Freeman.

Published by Schiffer Red Feather, 2023.

In a breakthrough work from a unique father/daughter duo, this set introduces audiences to the cards of the playing deck as if for the first time.

Guided by bold and lucid imagery, readers enter diverse dimensions of living knowledge that are fresh and unexpected. The magical symbology of the 52 cards, hidden in plain sight for so many centuries, expands before our eyes into geometries unforeseen, giving rise to worlds of esoteric wonder.

Ancient astrology, pyramid knowledge, natural timekeeping, and geomancy, as well as in-depth elemental and numerological perspectives, all unfold effortlessly within this brave new approach to cards.

Original story, a secret alphabet, mystical mandalas, innovative archetype, and more come to life within the hypnotic spell cast by this one-of-a-kind work, which is destined to make its mark on card reading forever."