GEORGI∆ ELECTR∆ is an experiment in making art and art objects that are more accessible to more people by nature of the forms and the prices. The whole enterprise itself is an artwork, a hyper-object, as described by the philosopher Timothy Morton.


All Goods found herein are made by Georgia Carbone, Artist, Musician, Writer, Aspiring Micro-Farmer.


Georgia was born at home in Waterbury, VT in a house which later became the Cold Hollow Cider Mill. She began seeking adventure at an early age when she traveled with a friend & her family to Cuba in 1992. She studied with the brilliant Stuart Ewen at Hunter College in NYC and with the enigmatic Rose Shakinovsky & Claire Gavronsky in Italy and South Africa. In 2010 she completed an MFA at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco under the guidance of Allison Smith. In the years that followed she performed and exhibited at YBCA, Krowswork Gallery, SOMArts, the Marin Museum of Contemporary Art and others. In 2017 she joined the psych-rock band Dire Wolves as their primary vocalist and contributed to the bands sound with improvised language and sounds. In 2018 she had her first solo show at Abrams Claghorn Gallery, "Healing Images: A Prescription For America". Later that year she and her husband decided they wanted to live in a place where they could see the stars, so they moved to his home state of New Mexico where they now work and reside on their 2 acre orchard/farm with their dogs, cat, and chickens.