Originally motivated by a desire to understand my own mystical experiences, my art practice explores the topography of energetic space through mark-making, sound, Installation and choreography. I enact performances that involve multi-sensory elements to engage the body and the mind of those present. For many years, I’ve been using the viola as a channeling instrument, a vehicle through which to convey the felt experience of energy in a space. The viola performances take place in nature where they are documented by video, and in the gallery setting.

My paintings and drawings convey meditative states through saturated color and simple geometry. They reveal metaphysical landscapes, and document visions that I have experienced. I use watercolor, ink, colored pencil, pastel and oil paint.

My most recent work is directly in response to the intense emotional and psychological climate of social and cultural upheaval in America. Using bright concentrated pigments and simple geometric forms I designed healing images. Informed by the traditions of Abstract Expressionism, Tantra Art, and Minimalism I created a series of images that are intended to address ailments that the indiviual experiences in such an environment: self doubt, negative thinking, and the desire to love and be loved.