2022 Blessings


  • Image of 2022 Blessings
  • Image of 2022 Blessings

signed and numbered on the back
each one is unique
Blessing Images, painted on 1/01/22 in celebration of this new year, 2022, which promises to be full of positive energy and creativity. ~ Frame it, tape it to the wall, place on your altar... use however you like to invite the blessing of creativity and positivity into the coming year.
2022 is going to be a dynamic year, with inspiration and creativity in abundance! The number 2022 is radiating newness, positivity, and possibility!
The numerology of 2022 is 6 (2+0+2+2). The number 6 is a number of harmony, balance, and healing. In nature it shows up in the perfection of the 6 pointed snowflake, and the 6 sided hexagon of the honeycomb... So basically, get ready for a great year!
*Space Tuners are physical things that we bring into a space, be it home or work, personal or shared, that shift the quality of that space toward positivity, lightness, magic, nurturance, possibility, etc. By tuning the space we tune ourselves and align our thoughts and actions with more positive and beneficial directions.

Image of Knotted Plant Hanger #1
Knotted Plant Hanger #1
Image of Rainbow Maker
Rainbow Maker
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